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The Brand - About us


The success of any marketing campaign should ultimately be measured by the size of your bank account.

This is what we truly believe, and it's the reason we proudly call ourselves the Marketing.MBA.

Because the only MBA that counts is the Money in your clients Bank Account.

Marketing.MBA acts as a strategic partner and business development consultancy for established brands. 

We produce bold marketing ideas, implement strategic digital performance sales processes and consult leading brands in optimizing their digital acquisition channels for maximum returns on their marketing investments. 

We’ve built a strong brand reputation that provides us the privilege to choose who we work with, and we don’t work with anyone. 

We deliver. You get results.

The Mission

We don’t seek clients. They seek us.

For this reason, we can operate & deliver at the highest standards of excellence, unmatched, because we only work with clients who have a vision for their product and are committed to a long-term business relationship.

Our amazing customers reach from personal brands & event companies, to retail & e-commerce, and even Government entities in the tourism sector.

We are not “just another full-service marketing agency”.. We’re a Specialized Production Powerhouse.

We don’t try to wow and amaze with "nice to look at" vanity metrics, numbers and impressions. We help provide what really matters: Results, and ultimately also money in the bank account. Like our mantra says.

We work with the best, and so we hire the best for our team.

We’re looking for the NAVY SEALS of Marketing.

Our Logo Explained

Meaning from the first sight




Is it you?

Greatness is not for everybody.
It brings with it a whole new set of rules and responsibilities that not everyone is willing to accept.

That is why not everybody can work here.

We treat our team like we treat our clients: Because we offer the best outcomes, we only work with the best people and companies.

We are looking for great minds full of talent and creativity. Those who thrive on difficult problems, love attention to detail, and for whom their “job” is not just "work" but ART.

People who own their work and "good enough" is not the goal, but the minimum acceptable

People who are ambitious, dare to solve problems by thinking their own way, speak their mind about new ideas, and love suggesting and implementing new concepts.

We are committed to greatness, and we want someone who:

Has a "can-do" attitude and a track record of delivering superb work again and again.

Can work at a fast-paced company where the feedback cycle is measured in hours rather than weeks.

Is seeking a career-defining opportunity in a proven, results-oriented team that has created some of the worlds greatest marketing campaigns.

A few last words:

These jobs here are not easy. If you expect easy work, you should better look somewhere else. We have a strong environment of a very professional attitude.  Ownership and commitment to each other are our most important values. 

You have to finish what you've started. You should work here, if you get excited by achievements, creativity and by playing in a field of top performers. Your team members need to rely on you like you rely on them. In exchange, great compensation and career plans are waiting for you. 

We support you with your long-term plans as well, like getting a mortgage on your home, relocate to another city or growing your family. 

If this is something you are looking for, we welcome you.


How We Operate

We’re a remote first company. 62% of our team members work remotely, and they love it!

We are a multicultural international team with 50+ People originating from 19 countries: Albania, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States, Bosnia, Vietnam, Algeria, Iran, Croatia, New Zealand and South Africa.     

    🇦🇱 🇹🇷 🇩🇪🇺🇦 🇷🇴 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇧🇦 🇻🇳 🇩🇿 🇷🇺 🇮🇷 🇭🇷 🇿🇦

Our gender profile is almost 50/50 gender ratio and 62% here are between the age of 25-34 and 10% are between the age of 35-44.

We are International

When you have an international team at your disposal, chances are the flow of ideas will be endless. Thanks to your different experiences and mindsets, you'll be able to work collaboratively to produce incredibly interesting and innovative ideas.

We have a physical office in one of the best business towers in Dubai where our executive team works exclusively to run business operations, provide peer to peer support for mutual growth, and offer virtual support to our remote teams.

We firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with other great people is the best way to grow. 

“A rising tide lifts all boats” - John F. Kennedy

With our remote culture, we want everyone to feel included and be an essential part of the team. Having our permanent base in Dubai helps provide that to everyone.

From time to time our team members visit our Head Office for large product launches. There’s always something exciting happening there... It's the birthplace of some of the greatest marketing campaigns our market has seen.

Despite being a worldwide team, we are always connected. Our daily team meetings ensure not only that our projects are meeting the best standards, but also that our team members are heard, recognized for their efforts, and feel like part of a family.


Marketing MBA is a part of Creator Group. It is a mix of Software, Fintech and Advertising Companies. Work hard party harder. Creating good times. Take a look at our last event so as everything was for free. Let you touch the eternity

Our office


Benefit from our office and join us anytime working sky high in the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. As amazing as the view over the skyline in this prestigious area is, so are all the amenities in this office. 

You can only do your best, when you receive the best. Our office is fully equipped with the latest Apple products such as iMacs and iPads for you to channel your creativity. The important decisions are made in our meeting room that we also use for brainstorming on ideas for our next breakthrough.

Our online-seminars with clients and established podcasts are recorded in our video room specifically designed for this purpose. And, important phone and video calls are made in our silent pods for an optimum sound environment to have the best results. 

It's essential to have the opportunity to rest and gather strength for upcoming tasks. In our office you will find several lounges to relax alone or with teammates and chit chat until eventually new ideas emerge. Along relaxing zones you will find water, energy and vitamin drinks and coffee and healthy snacks like fresh fruits and protein bars free as much as you want to boost your energy level.  

The very highlight: You will find inspiration and input on every wall and corner of our office as it's marked with quotes and art that reflects our values and goals. Like the team, our office is dynamic and creative.

Together as a team we are always one idea away from the next breakthrough and working motivated and consistently to achieve our vision. On long days we like to volume up the excellent sound systems and get into focus to take out the maximum of us and have fun while chasing our goals. 

Your Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Competitive Payment & Bonuses + Various Other Excellent Benefits (Depends On The Position)
  • Amazing Team Members
  • Opportunities For Career Advancement
  • The Possibility To Work From Home/Office & An Amazing Remote Culture
  • Responsibility & Ownership
  • Challenging Experiences And Knowledge
  • Health Insurance
  • Full And Part-Time Employment
  • Working Visa If You Decide To Join The UAE Office

Join us

Current openings

Data-Analyst (m/w/d) - German Speaking
Digital Marketing
  • Hannover, Germany
Sales Representative (m/f/d) in Hamburg
Marketing & Advertising
  • Hamburg, Germany
Sales Representative (m/f/d) in Hannover
Marketing & Advertising
  • Hannover, Germany
Videographer / Filmmaker (m/f/d) - German speaking
Marketing & Advertising
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Video Cutter/ Editor
Marketing & Advertising
  • Remote job
Working at Marketing.MBA means I get to work on a wide range of exciting projects and create industry-leading work that spans across the whole business.I really enjoy working with my team where I feel supported and empowered to create outstanding work daily. My manager supports and champions us, and our team meetings are a chance to discuss and review any achievements or roadblocks of our week.
Max B.
I am proud to be part of the Marketing. MBA team. We have a high-performance environment where everyone pulls together, constantly tries to improve their work and supports each other. If you work hard and contribute your ideas in this company, you are quickly rewarded and given more and more responsibility. Yes, sometimes it's hard, but it's the right thing to do if you want to grow personally and professionally. During my time here, I've built great relationships with my colleagues. They all work hard, but they have always helped me when I had a question or needed help. If you want to reach your full potential, this is the company for you. You can get results and take on responsibilities in one year that would take you 5 to 10 years at other companies.
Mario H.
When I started at Marketing. MBA a year ago, I didn't expect to be so enthusiastic about the job. It is so much fun to master new challenges every day and to continuously keep learning and growing. I have been able to develop both professionally and personally and I am excited to see where the journey will take me Besides the freedom that comes with the remote culture, I also appreciate the team spirit. We help each other out, we support each other and we strive for big goals together - and we achieve them as well! This is motivating and fulfilling and makes working for Marketing. MBA my dream job!
Lucas P.
I started at MBA about 2 years ago. In these 2 years, I have grown more personally, as well as with my skills, than in the years before. By personally, I mean that my mindset has developed and changed a lot. By skills, I mean that MBA leaves room to acquire new skills. Here I have the opportunity to contribute ideas, implement them and learn new skills in a self-determined way. I am a person who gets bored quickly when I am in the same place for a long time. With MBA, I work remotely. That means I can always change locations before I get bored, which motivates me a lot. Only A-players work at MBA. That makes the atmosphere super motivating. When we get stuck with something, we help each other and push each other to do our best. This allows us all to grow and deliver a high standard.I am very happy at MBA and hope that I can continue to support with my design skills for a long time.4 replies
Laura B.
Working at MBA is like a paid continuing education. You are trained and strengthened in your skills. In the company you are shown how fast you can grow, because MBA itself grows very fast and professional. It's a great feeling to be part of the team and still be able to work from anywhere. MBA has changed my mindset and opened my eyes to the possibilities.
Blanka B.
My name is Maryna, and I am currently taking the position of General Manager at Marketing. MBA. I have been building my career at this company for more than two years, and I must say that personal and professional development is an integral part of working in Marketing. MBA. What I love the most is the company’s culture. I love how positive and transom is a team environment where everyone supports and motivates each other. Team members are fully trusted to own their tasks and bring creativity and innovation to the table. As a team member, you access unlimited educational resources, processes, and systems to improve your knowledge and skills. Every day, week, month, and year you feel like your knowledge, potential, capabilities, and mindset change for the better.
Maryna B.
General Manager, MARKETING.MBA

,,Friendly, challenging, professional, motivating, engaging - these are 5 words, which pops to my mind when I think about my work place. Before starting working here I couldn’t imagine what a huge impact to my life would bring this company. So happy that I’m a part of this team and have this wonderful opportunity to grow as person & as employee."

Gerda Briediene
Accountant, Marketing.MBA

It’s such a joy to be a member of this international team and to see how fast this company can grow. Always challenging and dynamic work environment lets us improve our skills and technique. So many passionate people are working here and I admire each of them. Can’t imagine a better place to work and grow!

Indre Jaselskyte
CFO, Marketing.MBA

What you should not expect

We care about results. But we believe more in moving fast, breaking things and getting the job done (and getting it done better than anybody else) instead of working like a perfect mechanical watch that looks nice, but comes with many limitations.

There will be chaos. Sometimes controlled. Sometimes not.

One thing is certain... there will be great achievements!

Meet Melanija.


I am the Head of HR at Marketing.MBA. My responsibilities include planning, leading, directing, developing, and coordinating the policies, activities, and staff of the (HR) department, ensuring legal compliance and implementation of the organization's mission and talent strategy.

Establishing organizational culture is one of my highest priority.
My deep understanding of human psychology gives me the best recruitment and interviewing skills. A well organized and highly responsible critical thinker, I am always looking for excellence and staying positive under all conditions.

I proudly employed and built a team in which each person is motivated, goal-oriented and really happy to work here. Revenue is growing, therefore the team is extending so I'm looking forward to meeting you! 

Headquarter Location

Marketing MBA, Jumeirah Business Center 3, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Marketing MBA

Marketing MBA, Jumeirah Business Center 3, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates