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We are constantly growing and looking for reinforcements. Use your ideas to achieve great things.

Open positions

Closer im Vertrieb (m/w/d) - Hannover
  • Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
Setter im Vertrieb (m/w/d) - Hannover
  • Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
Team Lead Marketing & Product Innovation (m/w/d) - German Speaking
  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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About us


When it comes to working with Germany’s most successful brands, our primary goal is always to create performance.  The best measure for performance is money. That’s why the MBA in our name stands for Money in our clients’ Bank Account.

In the last 12 years, we have worked with well over 300 brands, invested more than 90 million € in adspend, acquired around 300,000 customers and generated over 500 million € in sales.

We turn companies into established brands with our Marketing Playbook. What separates us from everybody else: We carefully collect every single data point that is generated during our work. This means that we are constantly learning what works and what doesn't, which leads to us producing exponentially better and better results as time goes on.

Marketing.MBA is part of the Creator Group.

Our values


We always treat our employees professionally, transparently and as equals. Through our close communication and short decision-making processes, we promote constructive exchange and enable quick reactions to changing situations.


We pride ourselves on having a complete overview of the successes and sometimes failures at Marketing.MBA as we grow and scale. In our culture, it's normal for us to work together towards an overarching goal.

We put our employees first

Our team of highly qualified experts from all over the world wants to drive brand building and direct marketing forward together. Our values guide us on this journey and are reflected in our team spirit, work and logo.

Extreme ownership

At Marketing.MBA, every employee takes full responsibility for their own projects. This means that you are not only responsible for your direct tasks, but for everyone who is involved in the success of your project. Every employee is expected and encouraged to think for themselves at all times.

What we can offer you

Work from anywhere in the world, at the beach, at home or in our office in Dubai

Enhance your skills with our internal training and coaching

We sponsor your work visa for the United Arab Emirates 

Flexible working hours and a great company culture

Great colleagues from all over the world

Learn from the “Navy Seals” of marketing

Extreme ownership

Many corporate benefits

Flat hierarchy & Open door policy

Here we are

Working with us is never boring

How we operate

At Marketing MBA, we love freedom and flexibility, including in the way we work together. That's why everyone decides how and where they work best: at home, in the office, in a café in the city or on the beach.

Around 81% of us work remotely, and we love it!

We are a multicultural, international team with around 60 employees from 18 different countries.

Everyone in our team works closely together, even if we are physically separated. Our projects are based on lively exchanges, meticulous planning and regular meetings. This proactive cooperation also makes it easier for new colleagues to settle in quickly.

That is why we are looking for people who are motivated, who act proactively, who figure out solutions rather than pointing out problems. We value people who like to take responsibility independently, openly share their opinions on new ideas and enthusiastically propose and implement new creative concepts.

Work hard, party harder

Marketing MBA is part of the Creator Group: a colorful mix of software, fintech and advertising companies.  We go hard at work, even harder at parties. We create unforgettable moments. Take a look at our last event - everything was on the house. Experience moments with us that feel like eternity.

Our office


At any time, you have the freedom to choose to work with local team members in Dubai. Our office is located on the 19th floor of the Jumeirah Lake Tower and offers an exclusive location and a magnificent view over the city, but it is important to us that the team gets the best in order to deliver the best. That's why our office is equipped with the latest Apple products, such as several iMacs and iPads, which are always at your disposal for your creativity. In our meeting room, managers decide on the latest marketing ideas every day and brainstorm new approaches.

DUBAI Headquarter Our online-seminars with clients and established podcasts are recorded in our video room specifically designed for this purpose. And, important phone and video calls are made in our silent pods for an optimum sound environment to have the best results. It's essential to have the opportunity to rest and gather strength for upcoming tasks. In our office you will find several lounges to relax alone or with teammates and chit chat until eventually new ideas emerge. Along relaxing zones you will find water, energy and vitamin drinks and coffee and healthy snacks like fresh fruits and protein bars free as much as you want to boost your energy level. The very highlight: You will find inspiration and input on every wall and corner of our office as it's marked with quotes and art that reflects our values and goals. Like the team, our office is dynamic and creative.

Our application process

Are you ready to become a part of our team?

Here's what our application looks like:

You apply

Send us your application documents and receive a prompt response from us.

First meeting

After a successful application, we will invite you to a virtual interview.

Second presentation date

Here we will go into more detail about your future tasks for the advertised position.

Job offer

If we identify a match in terms of culture and expertise, you will receive an individual job offer from us.

Our team

Start your career at Marketing.MBA now

Go to the job description that suits you best and apply using the form with just a few clicks.

Reviews of our employees

Hear directly from our dedicated employees who contribute to our success each day.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Super exciting projects Working at Marketing.MBA means I get to work on a wide range of exciting projects and create industry-leading work that spans across the whole business.I really enjoy working with my team where I feel supported and empowered to create outstanding work daily. My manager supports and champions us, and our team meetings are a chance to discuss and review any achievements or roadblocks of our week.


  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Here, I can express myself Friendly, challenging, professional, motivating, engaging - these are 5 words that spontaneously come to mind when I think of my workplace. Before I started working here, I couldn't have imagined the huge impact this company would have on my life. I am so happy to be part of this team and to have this wonderful opportunity to grow as a person and as an employee.

    Gerda Briedene ACCOUNTANT

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ New challenges every day It is a great pleasure to be a member of this international team and to see how quickly this company can grow. A constantly challenging and dynamic working environment allows us to improve our skills and techniques. There are so many passionate people working here and I admire each and every one of them. I can't think of a better place to work and grow!

    Indre Jaselskyte CFO

What should I NOT expect?

We value results. But we believe even more strongly in fast workflows: we believe that it is better to make mistakes from time to time, but usually get the job done (and better than anyone else), rather than working like a perfect mechanical watch. It may look nice, but it has many limitations and there will be chaos. Sometimes controlled chaos, sometimes uncontrolled chaos, but one thing is certain: there will be great successes!

Can I apply directly to a location of my choice?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for our remote or on-site positions in our offices in Hanover and Dubai. Find out more about the opportunities in our job advertisements.

Do I need a completed apprenticeship or a degree to apply to you?

We are looking for committed and passionate people who would like to support us with their talents. We value your qualities regardless of your educational background and look forward to receiving your application.

How does the application process work?

You can send us your application via the "Apply now" button. Within a very short time, you will be contacted by a colleague from our team and informed about the next steps.